Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Been Quite a Week or 2 or 3

I've definitely been slacking in the post department.  In the past 3 weeks, we've been to the doctors 3 times, the ER, gotten a nebulizer and antibiotics and did it all with a smile!  Since my post about the nebulizer, Ava sprouted 2 teeth that brought on a nice case of the poops an upset stomach.  It started last Saturday while I was at a baby shower, so Daddy had to deal with it! haha love you Nick!  After 3 days of that (she stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday just to be safe), I noticed something on her bum while changing her diaper Wednesday night.  She went to bed...I went to Google.  The internet is the best and worst tool for new parents and let me tell you, my google history has some interesting searches in it!  Many things I began to read were frantic mothers of babies diagnosed with a staph infection or MRSA.  Hello panic, my name is Katie, nice to meet you.  I waited til morning to see what it looked like and then more panic set in when i felt this huge hard lump under her was about the diameter of a quarter at least. (and yes, I just had to google diameter and make sure I was using the correct term!  I miss high school)  So off the ER we went and when I said to the doctor and nurse, "Well, I saw online that it could be a staph infection, etc..." they both looked at me like "typical first time mom"!  They diagnosed it as an abscess, prescribed Ava some antibiotics and said to follow up there or at my pediatrician.  We went to the pediatrician Friday and she prescribed an ointment to be used in conjunction with the oral antibiotics and gave us a few instructions like salt baths 3 times a day.  Ava didn't seem to mind...
Splish Splash, I love a salt water bath!

Nick stayed home with her today since I was out of work 2 days last week.  His only concern was, "What outfit is she supposed to wear today?", since I left while she was still in jammies.  I had to inform him that the bottom left drawer of her dresser contained actual outfits (pants folded inside the matching shirt).  I've now named it the Daddy Drawer!  They had a fun day together...breakfast, nap, lunch, Target, snacks...and were both still happy when I got home!

**I realize (or have been told by Lolo) that I haven't done a Halloween post yet.  I will get to it...hopefully before Thanksgiving!**

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