Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tuesday was Nick's birthday.  Yes, I'm almost a month older than him!  He was a little spoiled this year and got to have 2 birthday parties and a birthday dinner!  Geez, being 28 rocks!  On Sunday, we had some friends over to watch the GMEN kick the crap out of cry baby, dog killer, piece of shit (we can go on and on) Michael Vick and his dirty birdies...aka the Eagles.  Here's the Giants #1 fan in her new jersey...
what? you don't have red yoga pants?
How cute is she?  Her and Ava Manning are going to be bffs some day!  I didn't take any pictures of the festivities but it involved grilled cheese, chili, and lots of happy bellies!  Nick was making chili so I tried to think of something else to serve that went with chili.  I had the idea to do a make-your-own grilled cheese bar and let me tell you, it was phenomenal!  We had 5 different types of bread: rye, pumpernickel, seven grain, cibata and white wonder bread.  5 different cheeses: american, cheddar, swiss, muenster, and mozzarella. Many different additions/inserts (not sure what to call them because they aren't really toppings): ham, turkey, bacon, apples, roasted jalapenos, roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, cream cheese, tomato, guac, and maybe something else but I can't remember right now.  Everyone had fun trying different combinations out on the panini press.  My favorite was actually the one that inspired the whole idea...jalapeno popper!  It was cream cheese, jalapeno, and cheddar cheese. Delicious!  We also had some other snacks, PB&J cupcakes and an oreo cake (some of Nick's favorites).

Ava took an hour and 45 minute nap during the game even though the guys were all screaming downstairs!  They resorted to dancing when a good play happened so they wouldn't wake up the princess!  She was such a good girl with all our company!
Me and Ava after everyone left

Monday, we celebrated Nick's birthday with our families since Tuesday wasn't good for everyone.  We got take out from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Joses and had ice cream cake!

Daddy and Ava
On Tuesday, we were tired of celebrating we went out to dinner at Lubranos for Nick's actual birthday.  Nick met Ava and I straight from work and we had a nice time.  Just when Ava was about to flip, our dinners arrived and she chowed down on my garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed carrots.  I think she's had a taste of the good life and no longer wants the bland stuff!  My baby's 9 months and definitely knows what she wants!  How have 9 months gone by already?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

No autographs please

Last Monday night we went to the first home game for the Giants!  And they WON!!!  We always have a great time at the games and there is never a dull moment!  We were actually on Monday Night Football!  Our phones started going off right away with people saying they just saw us!  Here's a video I took of my mom's TV the next day...oh the joys of DVR.  (just for the record, I was not falling asleep and Scott was not picking his nose!)  We are super stars!

Let's hope they pull a big W today against those smelly Eagles!  We're having some friends over for the game and Nick's birthday (which is Tuesday).  Ava got a new jersey and I can't wait to put it on her!  I'll be sure to post some cute pics of her!

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's in a name?

How hard is it to pick out a name?  I mean this is the name that your child will (more than likely) have the rest of their life.  This can shape who they become in the future.  Well, not really...BUT, can you imagine if in 30 years the president's name is Pilot Inspektor (son of actor Jason Lee) or Sparrow James Midnight (son of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden)?  I mean I guess no one ever expected someone named Barak to be president, but that's a topic for another day (who am I kidding, I'll never write about that, I hate politics).  So anyway, when it came time to pick a name for Baby Girl, Nick and I started a list.  Growing up, I always said I was naming my daughter McKenzie; however, while I still don't mind the name, it just wasn't at the top of my list anymore.  I knew I wanted a name that stood by itself.  I'm a Kathryn and I can remember every first day of school having to shyly say, "call me Katie."  Nick is Nicholas, naturally, but some people actually call him that and he's fine with it.  I've never gone by Kathryn so I doubt I would even turn around if someone said Kathryn out loud.  Ava was always on our list and it seemed to be the name we kept going back to.  Names would come and go for various reasons...Hannah, Brielle, and even Stella...but we kept coming back to Ava.  Short and sweet yet sophisticated enough to age with a our little cupcake.

Coming home from the hospital
Ok, so we got Ava.  Now for a middle name.  My middle name is Elizabeth after my aunt, although we call her Betty.  Ava Elizabeth sounded very nice.  We also toyed with Ava Jean since both of our moms have the middle name Jean.  But Ava Jean sounded a little too back woods Kentucky (no offense).  Anyone watch Justified on FX because I would put money on it that Ava Crowder's middle name is Jean.  Come on, say it out loud (with a Southern twang) Ava Jean, get your butt in here for dinner!  So we vetoed that.  Another name I've always thought about is Josephine.  Josephine was my maternal grandmother's name.  We called her Grandma Josie.  Although she was sick most of my life that I can remember, she was the most selfless woman.  She always saw the best in people, even when they wronged her more than any person should have to take.  That's an admiral quality that I'd like to someday possess.  She past away 1992 but her memory and traits live on in her sister Connie (our family matriarch!), her 4 children, her 10 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren.  Ava Josephine...perfection.  I think Grandma Josie and Ava would've been best friends.  One of our greatest Josie memories is how she used to say she was eating apple pie to get her fruit and ice cream to get her milk.  Ava Jo, as we affectionately call her, would be right there next to her chowing down, I'm sure of it.

You Are My Sunshine
I made the above sign for Ava's nursery as a tribute to Grandma Josie.  She used to sing this to all the babies.  Now I sing it to Ava every night before I lay her down to sleep.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a very fun, family filled weekend! The Maxx Man turned one of September 4th and his birthday bash was this weekend.  The party was so nice and everyone had a great time but seriously, how did a year go by already?

September 2010

September 2011

Is he just the cutest lil' rebel you've ever seen!

Some more party pics...

Playing with friends!

bounce house

big bad Ava getting a tat

how cute!

with Mommy and Daddy

loving icing!

On Sunday, Ava got all dressed up for her opening day...GMEN style!  Too bad they lost :(  but at least she looked adorable!  We always joke that we don't have to wonder what she'll look like as a little girl because she already looks like one with all that hair!  Doesn't she seriously look like she's 3 years old here?

#1 fans

And speaking of being a little girl...this little one is crawling all over, pulling herself up on everything, and scaling most of the furniture!  Where did my baby go?  She even had her first taste of pizza!  Shocking...she loved it!

We threw together a little party with the Koropatnicks to celebrate all the parents turning 60 29 again

aren't they cute!

Today was my day off so after Ava napped, we took advantage of living at the Jersey Shore and headed over to the beach.  LOVE that we were 2 of probably 20 people on the entire beach! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Is that a basketball under your shirt?

Some more PA...

I remember waking up that April morning and running into the bathroom to, ahem, pee on that stick...and another one just to be sure.  Nick was still asleep but that didn't last long since I jumped on him to wake up and wait those 3 awfully long minutes with me. The result made my heart melt.  I immediately called my mom to make sure she was retiring in June because she was going to be busy the next year!

Here's Little Bugs' first picture!
9 weeks
Although I was sick for 16 agonizing straight weeks, I managed to get a bump pretty fast! 
12 weeks

3D at 13 weeks

14 weeks
Perhaps the funniest picture.  My doctor edited the ultrasound pic to cut out little bugs...she looks like she's sitting at computer sucking her thumb!
18 weeks

19 weeks
This is when she changed from little bugs to Baby Girl.  I won't put that pic on here since she was spread eagle saying, "hey mom, i'm a girl!"
24 weeks
28 weeks
It's only normal to go to a Giants game 7 months pregnant!  Baby Girl loved to tailgate!
29 weeks

30 weeks
Check out her lips!  She came out looking exactly like this with those chubby cheeks and beautiful lips!
31 weeks

31 weeks
34 weeks

I think this was the last one we took even though I didn't go into labor until 40 weeks, 4 days!  Save that for another time...
35 weeks at the beach

Thursday, September 1, 2011


How am I 28 already?  That's practically 30!

Yesterday was my birthday.  We had a fun little family birthday party courtesy of it sad that I basically threw myself a birthday party?  My mom actually was going to make dinner and bring it to our house but she already does so much that I figured I could just whip something up. (she did make an awesome cake and cupcakes as well as picking out all the party goods) We had a taco bar complete with Barbacoa Beef, Santa Fe Chicken, shrimp, Cilantro Lime Rice, Cuban Style Black Beans, veggies, guacamole, and all the other fixings.  It was delish!  Oh and if you don't know Gina over at SkinnyTaste, go acquaint yourself so you can be making (and eating) delicious food complete with WW points for every recipe!  *Cat's out of the bag family, it was almost all "skinny" version*

Here's a few pics courtesy of Kayla and Jada.  They are quality photographers as you will see below

family 2011
don't mind the carrots up her nose!

check out those lashes
 the 2 photographers of the evening with their fresh hair cuts!  Kayla went Halle Berry while Jada opted for a pixie.
sisterly love

cousins...this could be trouble in a few years!
 the Maxx he the cutest or what!  He'll be 1 on Sunday and I really can't believe it!
 Miss Kara made an appearance
no pictures please...she's such a diva
There were adults there too but pictures of kids are way cuter!

Yeah, I made my own flower arrangements.  Just a little pizazz for the room.

It was a very nice night and I got some really nice gifts.  Thank you family for being so generous!

Despite what I said at the beginning, I really don't have any qualms about turning 30 in a couple years.  I feel that I'm blessed with so many wonderful things in my life right now and don't need to make a "30 things to do before I'm 30" list.  I have a wonderful husband who I love and appreciate more and more each day.  I have a beautiful, healthy, amazing baby girl who surprises me everyday with the new things she does.  Is it possible for someone to get cuter each day because she certainly does! I have amazing parents who I wouldn't trade for the world.   They have taught so much throughout my life and for that I am eternally greatful.  I have great in-laws who always support us.  Have I mentioned that I love my entire family...because I do.  I also have a great job, fabulous friends, my health, my wealth (not really but it sounds cool).  So, at 28 years young, I am very comfortable where I am.  Do I strive for more?  Always.  But hey, that's life!