Friday, November 18, 2011


Hard question to ask on many levels. I'm currently asking myself this right now. There have been 3 deaths in my family's almost day to day relationships and all were way too young.

The first was a mother of two of Ava's classmates. She passed away while out of the country and left behind a husband and 2 beautiful girls, 3 and 5 months. Although I did not know her personally, I see her daughter almost daily. I can't even begin to think about those girls growing up without their mommy. The second was the man who does my mom's nails. He owned a local nail salon and was the nicest, most professional and compassionate man. He did my nails a few times and welcomed my whole bridal party to his shop right before my wedding. He passed away doing the only thing he ever did for himself, fishing. He also leaves behind a young family. The third, and closest to me, is my best friend's future mother-in-law. I think of Christine and Seth as my family and hate to see them go through this, especially with their upcoming wedding.

I know many people of faith will tell me that the answer to my question is that it's God's plan. I guess I don't have strong enough faith because I'm really not liking his plan right now.

Rest in Peace Tatiana, Paul, and Pat. You will be missed by so many.

Another question of why I'm asking myself right now has something to do with this...

More like why do I do this to myself! Sounds pretty selfish. Hopefully I'll have a finished product to write about soon!

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