Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Since I failed at actually doing a Halloween post, a apple/pumpkin picking post and a Thanksgiving post, you're getting an all-in-one!

We began our nice fall with our annual apple and pumpkin picking with Kayla and Jada.  We started this with Kayla probably when she was about 4 and have continued (almost) every year.  We were so excited for Ava to join our tradition!
Jada and Kayla
Kayla in the tree
Jada in the tree
As much of our fall has been, it was a warm sunny day.  The girls were all dressed for cool fall air in their fun Halloween attire, so the 75-80 degree heat caused us to make this a quick day out!

Pumpkin time

Fall 2011

my baby's first pumpkin
Next up was Kayla's birthday.  She had a Costume Zumba party!  All the kids dressed up and did zumba!

beautiful Kara Bear!

Now, terrible mom-of-the-year award may go to me for not getting a good picture of Ava in her first Halloween costume (homemade may I add).  I kept meaning to put her back in the costume and take pics but it is now almost December so that is not happening.  Oh the shame...

And then we trick-or-treated with Maxx, the fisherman and his cousins.  Ava actually took a nice snooze as we walked around the neighborhood.

Maxx and Ava

On to Thanksgiving...We did our usual at my mom and dad's house.  Lots of family, lots (too much) of food and lots of laughs.  

Here's Ava before we left.  Don't mind the mess and the binkie, this is (our) real life.  Remember that pile of fabric and ribbon from a post a few weeks back?  Well here she is in all her glory!  I made Ava's dress!  Let me repeat, I MADE A DRESS!

Thanksgiving 2011

the feast
 This horse was given to my brother for his first Christmas (or birthday?)...anyway, it's about 30 years old and I remember playing on it like it was yesterday.  My dad took it out and cleaned it up for the kids to play on.  It's funny how I remember it being so big and swinging on those bars like it was a jungle gym.  Now, it seems so small.  I guess it's all relative!

Anyone still reading?

We'll round out Fall with Kara Bear's Christening!  She was the perfect little angel and looked just like Ava the puritan in the family Christening dress!  This dress was worn by my mom and her 2 sisters, my cousins, me, Sarah, Kayla, Jada, Ava and now Kara.  (have I ever mentioned that we are so creative with our names?)  It's a little piece of love that all the little girls have the honor of wearing.

Mommy and Kara

Uncle Rick, Ava and Lolo

Ava was really into the sermon

The Godparents

how gorgeous is she!
So that's what we've been up to this fall!  Now it's on to Christmas time and someone I know is going to be one very soon.  How did that happen?

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