Monday, December 5, 2011

11 months

Ava my love, you are 11 months!  Can it be possible that almost a whole  year has gone by?

YAY!  You are becoming such a little girl right before our eyes and I don't know if I can take it.  I know I probably say this every month, but the stage you are at now is soooo fun and I love it!  You are developing your little personality and it's delightful to interact with you.  I look at the little things you do each day such as raise your eyebrows when we talk to you (is that a precursor to eye rolling?), and I think how could my little baby be becoming such an adorable little girl?

Here are some things you are up to these days...
  • your 2 bottom teeth finally came in and the 2 top are bursting through any day now.  
  • your still in size 12-18 and some 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers
  • you pretty much eat everything except nuts, strawberries and fish.  
  • as soon as i take yogurt out of the fridge, you get this huge smile on your face so i'm going to assume that is still your favorite.  black beans and guacamole are some new favorites as well.
  • you have figured out the whole "throw my food off my highchair and watch the dog eat it" game
  • you are adjusting to daycare so well.  you love to play with the kids and have even made art projects for Halloween and Thanksgiving!
  • sleep has gotten better (only in the last week or so).  it started to become a little bit of an issue since you were joining us in our bed every night around 4 am AND refusing to nap in the crib at school.  so at home, we let you cry (don't worry, mommy watched you in the monitor the whole time to make sure you were ok) a little and after 2 nights, you've been sleeping through the night!  at school, they started you on the cot (3 inches off the ground) and you've been taking 2 hour naps almost every day!
  • your favorite toys are your music set, stroller and piano.  i just love the way you get on and off the seat of the piano as if you've been doing it all your life.
  • we're waiting for those first steps on your own.  you cruise everything, stand on your own without holding on and even can drink from your sippy cup or dance while standing.  you're just a little hesitant to actually walk.
  • you've become a little sensitive when we tell you no.  like when you stand in the bath tub and I tell you to sit down, you sit down and cry.  then you stand up, do it again, sit down and cry.  this happens a few times a bath.
  • you love to dance, wave bye bye, clap (you actually wake up clapping sometimes, clap the whole way to school, clapped through Kara's whole christening...maybe you'll be a cheerleader!), laugh
  • you say momma, dadda, dissss (like this...for everything)
  • you crack up when we kiss your cheeks or tickle your belly
 I'm excited to see what this month will bring with Christmas time and your birthday coming up so soon!  I have a feeling we might need to get a bigger house for all the new things coming your way.  You are loved by so many and they all want to spoil you!

Happy 11 months beautiful girl!  You are the best Christmas gift I could've ever gotten in a million years!  Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

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  1. Hi Katie,
    Wow, I love her and all the cute comments about our love Ava.