Sunday, October 2, 2011

9 Months!

I'm a week late but who cares.  My Ava Jo is 9 months old!

Ava, here are some 9 month old updates:
  • you have not been the best sleeper this month but we really think it's those mean teeth that interrupt your beauty sleep.  some nights you sleep from 7-6, other nights you are up at 11 and 3.
  • you have started eating so many new things.  you still love yogurt and cheese but we can add chicken, pancakes, meatballs, carrots, mashed potatoes (preferably garlic), cream cheese and jelly sandwiches and grilled cheese to the list!  you have a perfect pincer grasp and you are a very dainty eater.  i think you just don't want to miss a piece!
  • you've mastered crawling and can get anywhere in 2.5 seconds flat!  you are now cruising the furniture, standing at your music table, going in every cabinet that we have yet to lock, taking a couple steps with your walking stroller and have even stood without holding on to anything.  you go girl!
  • you love watching Baby Signing Time.  in fact, you watch in about 4 times in a row and literally watch every second.  you dance and tap tap your way through each time.  and, although you haven't done any signs yet, mommy and daddy are experts at all of them and can sing all the songs!
  • you had you're first sleep over without mommy and daddy!  LoLo and PopPop watched you while mommy and daddy went to the Giants game.  you did great!

  • you had your first juice box to start practicing with a straw.  umm, you didn't need any practice.  one squeeze to show you juice came out of the straw and you sucked away finishing the entire juice box while eating breakfast.  can you be a genius at 9 months because i think you are.
  • dada is still the prominent babble at the moment but you've started mmmmama mmmmama when you are tired or whiny.  it melts my heart and makes me roll my eyes all at the same time.  say mama when you are excited please!
  • you are generally a happy little girl.  very serious at times but i think you're just taking it all in.  mommy's the same way :)
  • you are officially 24.6 lbs and 29 1/4 inches.  you haven't gained any weight in a month but  you've grown 2 inches!  
  • you are wearing size 12-18 month cloths and size 4 diapers.*

Happy 9 Months beautiful girl!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

*sometimes I think it's strange to put her stats (height, weight, clothing and diaper sizes, but it seems to be the thing to do!  I guess it's good to write it down somewhere as a point of reference but I mean, we don't post our weight or underwear sizes anywhere...oh well, sorry Ava!

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