Monday, October 17, 2011

Garden State Walk4Hearing

On Saturday, we participated in the Garden State Walk4Hearing to support our nephew Maxx and the school that has been providing him services.  Maxx was born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, which is a permanent type of hearing loss.  He started with hearing aids (awesome blue ones!) when he was 6 months and he is doing so well.  All the money our team raised was donated to the Summit Speech School, which provides hearing and developmental therapy services to Maxx.

Maxx Man with Mommy and Daddy
Team Maxx Man raised over $4,000 dollars!  I think it was a great accomplishment for our first year doing the walk.  

the kiddies of Team Maxx Man
There were people of all ages participating in the walk...many children and adults with hearing aids as well as their families and friends there to support them.  I overheard one man and woman commenting on how Maxx didn't seem bothered by his hearing aids and they said it was probably because they found out about his hearing loss at such an early age.  This is true and I really think, although devastating to hear, it was the best to find out when he was so young so he could get the proper therapy and services.  He says so many things and so clearly!  He speaks more than most kids his age I think!  (and has the cutest voice!)

Nice face Nicholas!
Cutie Cousins aka TROUBLE!

Thank you for all who donated to our team!  It was definitely a success and I look forward to walking with Team Maxx Man again next year!

For more information on the Walk4Hearing, check out Walk4Hearing and Team Maxx Man!

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