Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Tuesday was Nick's birthday.  Yes, I'm almost a month older than him!  He was a little spoiled this year and got to have 2 birthday parties and a birthday dinner!  Geez, being 28 rocks!  On Sunday, we had some friends over to watch the GMEN kick the crap out of cry baby, dog killer, piece of shit (we can go on and on) Michael Vick and his dirty birdies...aka the Eagles.  Here's the Giants #1 fan in her new jersey...
what? you don't have red yoga pants?
How cute is she?  Her and Ava Manning are going to be bffs some day!  I didn't take any pictures of the festivities but it involved grilled cheese, chili, and lots of happy bellies!  Nick was making chili so I tried to think of something else to serve that went with chili.  I had the idea to do a make-your-own grilled cheese bar and let me tell you, it was phenomenal!  We had 5 different types of bread: rye, pumpernickel, seven grain, cibata and white wonder bread.  5 different cheeses: american, cheddar, swiss, muenster, and mozzarella. Many different additions/inserts (not sure what to call them because they aren't really toppings): ham, turkey, bacon, apples, roasted jalapenos, roasted red peppers, sauteed onions, cream cheese, tomato, guac, and maybe something else but I can't remember right now.  Everyone had fun trying different combinations out on the panini press.  My favorite was actually the one that inspired the whole idea...jalapeno popper!  It was cream cheese, jalapeno, and cheddar cheese. Delicious!  We also had some other snacks, PB&J cupcakes and an oreo cake (some of Nick's favorites).

Ava took an hour and 45 minute nap during the game even though the guys were all screaming downstairs!  They resorted to dancing when a good play happened so they wouldn't wake up the princess!  She was such a good girl with all our company!
Me and Ava after everyone left

Monday, we celebrated Nick's birthday with our families since Tuesday wasn't good for everyone.  We got take out from one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Joses and had ice cream cake!

Daddy and Ava
On Tuesday, we were tired of celebrating we went out to dinner at Lubranos for Nick's actual birthday.  Nick met Ava and I straight from work and we had a nice time.  Just when Ava was about to flip, our dinners arrived and she chowed down on my garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed carrots.  I think she's had a taste of the good life and no longer wants the bland stuff!  My baby's 9 months and definitely knows what she wants!  How have 9 months gone by already?

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