Friday, September 9, 2011

Is that a basketball under your shirt?

Some more PA...

I remember waking up that April morning and running into the bathroom to, ahem, pee on that stick...and another one just to be sure.  Nick was still asleep but that didn't last long since I jumped on him to wake up and wait those 3 awfully long minutes with me. The result made my heart melt.  I immediately called my mom to make sure she was retiring in June because she was going to be busy the next year!

Here's Little Bugs' first picture!
9 weeks
Although I was sick for 16 agonizing straight weeks, I managed to get a bump pretty fast! 
12 weeks

3D at 13 weeks

14 weeks
Perhaps the funniest picture.  My doctor edited the ultrasound pic to cut out little bugs...she looks like she's sitting at computer sucking her thumb!
18 weeks

19 weeks
This is when she changed from little bugs to Baby Girl.  I won't put that pic on here since she was spread eagle saying, "hey mom, i'm a girl!"
24 weeks
28 weeks
It's only normal to go to a Giants game 7 months pregnant!  Baby Girl loved to tailgate!
29 weeks

30 weeks
Check out her lips!  She came out looking exactly like this with those chubby cheeks and beautiful lips!
31 weeks

31 weeks
34 weeks

I think this was the last one we took even though I didn't go into labor until 40 weeks, 4 days!  Save that for another time...
35 weeks at the beach

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