Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garden State Discovery Museum

After swimming on Saturday, we headed down to the Garden State Discovery Museum with 2 other families.  The museum was really cute...similar to a Please Touch type museum.  It was a rainy Saturday so we were there with a bajillion other people but I think all the girls had a good time!

Ava, Brielle and Ava

They had little "exhibits" set up...a diner, vet, doctors office, fishing boat, house, barn, garden, farmer's market, etc. 

Here are the girls cooking us up some treats in the diner...

a giant light brite...

and at the construction site, Ava decided she would be a plumber...

It was a fun day!  And there was not one meltdown (by our children...plenty others had major meltdowns).  Everyone just played and played and played.  Even the baby of the group, Gia, was an angel in her stroller and didn't make a peep!

Afterwards, we headed to get some lunch.  We wanted to go to this place called the Pop Shop but I guess everyone else did too.  It was an hour wait and with 3 starving toddlers and 6 starving parents, we weren't waiting.  So we went to a pizza place and had a great lunch.  On the way walking back to our cars, the moms stopped in a little shop.  We look out the window to this...

Poor Brie getting her diaper changed on the bench while Nick and Ava shield her from the passersby.  Hysterical!  Definitely a Dad move! 

Love fun days like this.  Ava is so lucky to have little friends already!  And Mommy's lucky to have such good friends in the same season of life!  It's like an instant sanity check...or insanity check!

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