Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where has my baby gone?

I know they say that time flies by, but I really can't believe that my little baby is now a toddler!  Ava has been amazing us with the new things she does every day.  It's such a fun time and I could just crack up at her all day long...except when she throws a mini tantrum, that's not really that funny!

Some things to remember about little miss 16 months:

Ava loves to be outside.  Thankfully, it's been a mild winter into spring so we've been able to spend a lot of time outside.  She loves her car but now halfway around the block, she feels the need to get out and push it instead of riding in it!  We've done bubbles and sidewalk chalk and go to the playground daily whether it is our little playground in our development or one in another town.  Dirty fingernails are an almost daily occurrence as our little miss has no problem getting down in the dirt.

Ava can successfully make many animal noises when asked, "What does a _____ say?" or if we see an animal.  We've mastered dog, cow, duck, sheep, pig, chicken, monkey, cat, and sometimes horse (she sometimes says baaah instead of nay).

While I might not win mother of the year award for this one, I think it's pretty darn smart.  Ava can name a lot of the Sesame Street characters...Eh mooooo (Elmo) being her favorite.  When the Elmo's world song starts playing, Ava literally stops in her tracks and gets insanely excited.  She also knows Cook (Cookie Monster) Bi Bir (Big Bird) and Os car (umm that would be Oscar).  She also knows Dora and Blue (Blue's Clues).

We know lots of body parts!  Mouth, teeth, nose, eyes, ears, hands, feet, toes, hair, tummy and grandpa's mustache!  Ava has about 8 teeth that are in and all four molars are breaking through as I type.  She's been a trooper even with a terrible diaper rash.

Ava's starting to eat a little better.  She's loving chicken nuggets (again, mother of the year) with ketchup which is pretty big since she really doesn't eat meat.  Strawberries, grapes and bananas are the current fruits of choice.  She still loves yogurt, cheese, french toast sticks, and scrambled eggs.  She hasn't had mac & cheese in a a matter of fact, the last time we tried to give her it, she didn't even touch it!  We try to give her what we are eating for dinner so she's exposed to more of a variety.

NO, ahhh NO, the wonderful word of toddlerhood.  We crack up now when we ask her a question and she actually answers us!  She will shake her head no and actually mean it!  Hence, where has my baby gone?!  She also has her meltdowns when we tell her plop on the floor hysterical crying for like 30 seconds.  Then she's on to something new.  She really does like to test us though.  Most of the time she knows exactly what she's doing and is looking us straight in the eye as she does it.  Have any tips on getting a toddler to sit in the bath?  I'm all ears!

My sweet girl does have manners though.  She signs and says Pes (please) and den do (thank you).  She also signs more, cracker, banana, and cookie all in the right context. 

So as I can imagine that toddlerhood only gets more challenging in the next year or so, I can't wait to see what new, exciting, fun things come along with it.  This is really a fun time filled with so many moments that melt my heart and make me realize how lucky I am to have an amazing daughter.  Her kisses bring a tear to my eye.  I love that sweet girl!

**sorry, no picture today**

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