Thursday, March 1, 2012


We flew down to Florida to visit all the grandparents over the long President's Day weekend.  It was so nice to get away to the 80 degree weather!  I wish I took more pictures but I was more interested in soaking up the sun and having fun with my smooshie!

Our flight down was alright.  We waited to board last so that we'd have to spend the least amount of time seated on the plane.  We were supposed to take off around 9:30 which we thought would be good since Ava naps around then.  Things got a little hairy when the Pilot came on and said, "Looks like we're all set to take off.  We're number 15 in line so we'll be in the air shortly."  Ummm, 15 in line?  So that was an extra half hour on the plane before we even got into the air.  Ava got a little cranky after the novelty of the window, tray table, tv and lights wore off.  She fell asleep for about an hour and we kept her busy the other hour and half with new books, toys and snacks we had stashed in the diaper bag.  She got many compliments so I guess she was a decent flyer!

Ava loved the beach and pool.  She literally played in the sand for an hour before she got antsy!

And then ate the perfect beach lunch...PB&J!

Splashed in the water for a bit...

God I just love her so much!

We went out to dinner a few nights and stayed in a few nights. 

I'll take a bowl of guac please!
Ava rode the merry go round for the first time...

And a train with Lolo...(Lolo was the smallest so she got shoved in there with Ava and loved every second of it!)

 **She didn't have a black eye, that's just the remnants of dinner that we didn't see.  It really didn't look like that in person**

Grandma Katie got Ava some new books and toys to play with.  She kept the books in this little basket stool.  I guess Ava thought it was a great place to read!

Overall it was a fabulous time!  Ava's so lucky to have 4 grandparents that love her so much!

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