Monday, August 29, 2011

8 months!

My little smooshy face is 8 months old!

 Ava, here are you 8 months updates:
  • bedtime begins around 6:30 pm but can last until 8 if you are a fighter that night.  but you sleep til between 6 and 7 the next morning so i'm not complaining!
  • your favorite foods are yogurt, fruit, cheese and pasta!
  • you started CRAWLING!  we've installed the gate but need to get on baby-proofing everything else.
  • we haven't officially weighed you but i think you are around 25 lbs! 
  • a tooth has poked through (bottom right)
  •  you spend your days with Grandma LoLo while mommy and daddy work and you love every minute of it!
  • you're a beach bum at heart which is perfect for us
  • you've officially been through an earthquake and hurricane in the past week
  • dada has been uttered from your beautiful lips in the right context, and also in the wrong context so who knows!
  • your favorite toys are your barn door, piano and garden caterpillar music table (creepy voice and all) but you'd rather the iPad and mommy's iPhone when given the opportunity
  • you LOVE books...that's not my bunny, peek-a-boo (everything) and marley are among the favs
So happy 8 months to you beautiful girl!!!!

In other news...

Hurricane Irene hit.

Although it looks like it hit our living room, we were thankfully safe from any damage although most of our area looks like this:

that's a park bench at the edge of the lake

this is the same boardwalk Ava was sitting on in the picture above take on Friday...this is Sunday

oh hey Pat Battle!

Many people are still without power and have flooding and other damage to their homes.  I hope everyone quickly recovers from crazy Irene.

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