Wednesday, January 11, 2012

12 Months!

My sweet, sweet baby is 1 already!  She was actually 1 three weeks ago, but who's counting?  So I haven't even gotten around to posting about Christmas yet but I'll do a 12 month update, Christmas recap (just so I have it somewhere!) and then the extravaganza that was the FIRST BIRTHDAY!

So Ava Jo, you are 12 months old.  A whole year.  Mommy is crying!  You continue to amaze us each and every day and we don't know how we ever got by with out you!  (although we did sleep more!)

Here are some of your 12 month stats:

  • you have 2 1/2 teeth...2 bottoms and 1/2 a top.  those suckers take a long time to come in
  • you wear mostly 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers
  • you have become quite the picky eater.  we can always win you over with yogurt, applesauce and mac and cheese but most other things are hit or miss.  you have been enjoying the puree pouches and suck them right out of the pouch in no time.  maybe your teeth are bothering you and that just seems more appealing now
  • we are (and have been) down to 2 bottles a day, morning and night but now we are off the smelly formula and drinking whole milk!  you drink milk out of a cup as well so it's only a matter of time before we say bye bye to bottles completely!
  • sleep is a steady 2 nights on, 1 night off deal.  you have been congested for what seems like all winter plus teething so we'll say it's that.  or you just want to be closer to mommy and daddy!
  • you got so many new toys for christmas and your birthday that i don't even know what your favorites are anymore!  you love your cupcake kitchen and all your baking accessories, your drum and instruments, rody, rocking horse, little people cars and bus, and so many more.  honestly, we haven't even opened all of your toys yet because you can't possibly play with them all.  we will rotate them in, don't worry!
  • santa brought you baby signing time volumes 2 and 3 for christmas so now we have some variety in our lives.  daddy and i already know all the songs and i've caught you signing shoes (as well as saying it) and thank you!
  • when asked what sound a cow makes, you say moooooooo!  and you also do TOUCHDOWN for our awesome GMEN (go big blue!)
  • still not walking!  but we're fine with that
  • you have developed this new scream cry that sounds like you're on the brink of a temper tantrum.  i fear that the ricky shuffle is right around the corner!
  • you love your new chair and all your new books!  you literally sit in the chair for 30 minute periods and read or watch baby signing time.  you pick out a book, sit down and read, throw it on the ground and get another one.  repeat ten more times.  
  • when you wake up in your crib and we go in to get you, you hand us your blankie and binkie before we can pick you up.  i love when you do little things like that
  • you are doing so well at school.  your teachers love you and i really think you have a great time there.  i am so thankful for that
  • i swear the week you turned 1, you started babbling like crazy as if you were ready to have a conversation.  you don't say momma or dadda that much anymore, it's more just crazy babbling.  and you have this new smile where you look like you're saying cheese and you resemble grandma lolo very much!
not the best example but if you know lolo, you get it

 So baby girl, you are turning into a little girl right before our eyes but just know that you will always be my little baby smooshie tushie little bugs ava jo ava jo the prettiest girl I know!  Mommy and Daddy (and everyone else who knows you) love you so much and are so excited that you are 1!  We couldn't have asked for a better first year with you.  Thank you for being the best!

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